Colossal Failuer of Medicine

Medicine has failed for over a century. See irrefutable evidence.

A. Theoretical Flaws

We have proved that the life model, research model and treatment model are unfit for studying human life.

The life model is wrong. Medical model fails to consider several life phenomena: (1) personal distinctiveness such as genome, environment, growing environment (Jack Dole cannot imitate John Dole), (2) massive organ functional capacities/symptom-based diagnosis method, (4) the interference effects of a large number of life factors, (5) positive and negative effects of most weak factors, (6) mind-body-interaction (emotional role, CNS role, and memory role), (7) the slow-delivering effects of damages and side effects, (8) phase problems (age, daily cycle, and seasonal changes), (9) multiple layers of disease defense mechanisms, (10) disease dynamics and kinetics, etc. Those are general but a large number of other life phenomena are important in specific situations. Due to those effects, a healthy person can tolerate a toxic substances for years to decades before injuries can be seen. Medicine fails because it treats human bodies as weights and volumes that can be put on a balance to weigh. Nearly everything used in medicine concerning chronic diseases is very poor or meaningless. Life is far more complex than the quantum phenomenon, but medicine treats human bodies as the simplest objects and a bunch of statistical numbers.

Every key presumption used in medicine is wrong. If I consider each specific research method such as statistical analysis, R0 model, we found nearly every assumption used were wrong. We were shocked by our own findings initially. However, it is not strange because all medical treatments were developed long before 1980, after which all important life phenomena are discovered. Deep flaws can be found from statistical models, mathematical models, disease classification, using of the binary scale. One thing we have found is that even number scales can cause significant errors in medicine. In mathematics, each degree of temperature means the same; in physical systems, each degree means different amounts of energy. In the human body, each unit (temperature, pressure, concentrations, etc.) means different amounts of life, different damages to the life, or different risks to the life. Based on our studies, medical model and research findings can be rejected on tens or more grounds. Our discoveries explain why medicine keeps producing inaccurate and wrong results while nearly all diseases can self resolve.

B. A Track Record of Performance Failure

  • All leading chronic diseases are incurable in medicine.
  • All types of cancer are incurable and become Voodoo spells.
  • Most meta reviews of drugs performance produced negative findings. A very small number of reviews found questionable benefits, but can be rejected for the inability to find side effects.
  • The little benefits of some drugs by some reviews can be rejected for research model flaws. If adjustment is made, we see no net benefits for chronic diseases.
  • The failure of cancer research: all cancer treatments have little benefits when they are viewed in long terms.
  • FDA-approved drug performance. More than 300 drugs have been removed. Those staying in market are due to impossible to prove their side effects in medicine.
  • Drugs used as medicines was accepted as a presumption without vetting its validity in the entire history. The only reason is that synthetic drugs can be patented for monopoly. It is now found that synthetic drugs can infringe life and health on many grounds.
  • mRNA vaccines have been told to be 95% effective. This number is based on flawed research model and the number comes from a rate reduction like from 0.005 to 0.0005. The ten folds reduction come from such ratio. We can see that the benefits can be infinite if death rate is reduced from one in million to zero in million. Such number is absolutely inapplicable to 99% of people. However, the number is really a joke how bad science can be.

C. Flaws in Precision Bio-medicine

Biomedicine attempts to solve diseases by using specific mechanisms, this approach has not succeeded for the entire history. We can show there are many fundamental problems that cannot be overcome.

Precision medicine is a fundamentally flawed concept. Human life as well as other forms of lives are controlled by a large number of genetic, lifestyle, activity, emotional, and environmental factors. Health and life cannot be turned into a substance that can be weighed on a balance and then compared. The life model is developed in evolution but not for laboratory analysis.

All drug mechanisms are wrong or at least grossly inaccurate. Most mechanisms are based on several abstract steps with all environmental variables stripped. Theoretically, thousands of parameters concerning reaction locations, materials transportation, concentrations, matter diffusion, structural and compartmental effects, and interactions with thousands of other matters are omitted. Each specific mechanism clashes with multiple factors model (true life science). We have to find that precision medicine is junk medicine that will not succeed. If it works, it is purely a accident.

Precision medicine must fail when it is used to address viral infections. Humans always live among millions types of viruses. Use of precision molecular mechanisms to contain infectious diseases is feasible only for the infectious agents that have high genetic stability. COVID-19 is an RNA virus that can mutate rapidly. Each year, it can generate millions of variants. Any attempt to contain the virus by using genetic specificity cannot work. There is no way that medical research can beat the viral mutation in the race. Since humans have evolved from missive viruses, they must have an inherent ability to survive all variants.

Precision medicine clashes with metabolic pathways network constraints. There is no possibility that multiple diseased processes can be corrected by using a drug.

D. The Whole-Field Failure

Because the life model, the research model and treatment model are deeply flawed, it is impossible to fix medicine. We estimate that 99.9% of research articles on treatment of chronic diseases are tainted by all fatal flaws in reearch models. Some flaws are very obvious at multiple levels. All benefits of treatments cannot be accurately determined due to flawed research models. The research model lacks accuracy required for detecting true side effects. Lead can hurt humans for thousands of years because each healthy person can tolerate its weak and slow delivering effects for years. All weak and slow-delivering poisons can be concealed among all interference factors under a dozen life phenomena such as massive organ functional capacity. For example, a short clinical trial cannot tell differences in substances: one to ruin the liver function by 30%, one to ruin kidney function by 50% and one for improving the heart function by 5%. Organ functional capacities plus the life factors work like a huge buffer that hide the true side effects of anything. Experimental data just lie.

Our Long Journey For Correcting Medicine

We will tell the long story about the stonewalls that prevent reform.

Proof of Flaws in Medicine

1. mRAN hurts users rather than helps users:

We proved that mRNA vaccines can actually benefit less than 1% recipients, but can deliver adverse impacts on 100% recipients. The problem is that medicine used a wrong risk model. Its effectiveness like 90% or 90% death rate reduction come from ratios between two extremely small numbers like 0.05/0.005. Such numbers are irrelevant to most people."[view or download the article]

2. Dr. Wu urges FDA to revoke all mRNA user authorizations:

Dr. Wu summarily proved that three leading research articles are flawed. The wrong research model is kept alive by interest groups."[View or download article]

3. We proved that the risk model used in medicine is wrong:

In epidemiology, the risk model is wrong because early researchers treated risks as extensive properties like weight and volume. Death risks are process attributes that cannot be added and divided among different persons. This single flaw makes epidemiological studies meaningless although there might be many additional errors. This explains why U.S. death rate from COVID-19 is 10 to 100 times higher than those seen in some nations. We proposed a different framework for fighting the pandemic."[View or download article]

4. We proved that the model (Ro) used for predicting infectious incidences is largely wrong:

In epidemiology, the risk model is wrong because early researchers treated disease risks as extensive properties like weight and volume (each unit weight has the same beneficial utility). Death risks are process attributes that cannot be added and divided among different persons. In addition, we show that nearly all assumptions used in the research model does not hold. This explains that medicine can save life in some instances but cause more deaths and more infections in a whole. When the model is remote from the life reality, measures and treatments cannot provide predictable benefits except by accident. We also showed that the medical model exaggerates short-term benefits and hides long-term adverse effects. We proposed a different framework for fighting the pandemic."[View or download article]

5. We proved that death from lung infection is highly related to free space in thoracic space:

We proposed two phase lung damage mechanisms which explain that the free space in thoracic is vitally important. If the space is very small, a moderate swelling in the lung tissue can cause blood circulation jam and result in congestive lung failure. The mechanisms provide useful hints on how to avoid lung damage and death."[View or download article]

6. Failure of Medicine: A treatise:

We will write a comprehensive book on failure of medicine. When the life model, the research model and treatment model are deeply flawed, one must presume that medicine cannot benefit patients, the public, and society. If the research model introduces only about 50% errors, it may be still have some usefulness in addressing non chronic diseases. However, one trouble is that chronic diseases are caused by very small departures in multiple process attributes in the metabolic pathways in the pathway networks, there is no possibility for a drug to fix. One cannot expect that medicine helps patients until those flaws are corrected. We will extensively examine drugs and treatments...."