Infrastructure for Health Optimization

Why is it hard to conduct health optimization?

A. There are too many life factors

Difficulties in conducting health optimization are reflected in cancer. Cancer can be caused or aggravated by thousands of life factors. Some cancer instances might be primarily caused by cancer-inducing substances (there are thousands); some by exposure to waves and rays; some by exposure to heavy metals; some by excessive stress; some by bad habits or way of working; some by viruses and bacteria, etc. Each person might have been exposed to and is continuously being exposed to the same cancer-promoting substances, matter or mental factors. Let say, each person might be exposed to first 20 bad things, how can the person know what are they? It is impossible to find them. Now, most people might try everything he could think about. If a person is under a continuous exposure to a matrix of cancer-promoting substances and factors, none of the medical treatments can cure cancer. The tumor can be removed by an operation, but cancer in terms of the driving force is still there. It will come back in different locations, in different forms and in different times. Some cancer causes can be very non-obvious. For example, one's diet might be so unique that the diet promotes certain distinctive microorganisms which can release cancer-causing toxins. If this person can change his diet to one that does not help those cancer-promoting microorganisms, he would be in a far better position for self-resolving.

B. Drugs cannot help much

Medical researches have found thousands of things or substances that can cause or promote cancer, but this also poses a big challenge: how to use those findings? No way. All medical studies are based on the binary scale, what can cause cancer and what will not. In reality, such findings have little utilities. Each person lives among a massive number of cancer inducing substances. Due to flaws in medicine, it looks like none of them can cause one specific cancer. By using the binary approach, one would find that every cancer cannot be caused by any of the those cancer-inducing substances due to small concentrations. That is why we must use a holistic quantitative approach. We must focus on everything. It is like adding thousands of "little bits" to achieve a predictable cure.

C. All factors work in a quantitative scale

Even though we reject the binary scale, we need to use some threshold for determining the effects of each cancer causing substance solely for convenience. This poses considerable challenge. How do we know if one of those heavy metals or thousands harmful compounds are too much for a person and how to avoid them. It does need to make a quantitative determination for all potential factors in a relative scale. The yes-and-no conclusions from most medical studies do not help very much. Medicine researches have found thousands of yes-or-no conclusions, but very few of them can be applied to John Doe. We must point out that findings from clinical trials reflect some means (even though it is a mathematically wrong mean due to life phenomena), it is obvious that even through factors that are found to be bad or have no beneficial effects, may have actual benefits on certain people. This is because those factors with their means on the negative side, but can deliver positive effects on the passive side. In other words, they might have beneficial effects on some patients due to their unique circumstances even though the findings from clinical trials imply they are bad. One of such factors is copper. In most people, the amount of copper is enough. Intake of this heavy metal may cause all kinds of health problems. However, in some individuals, it may be in severe deficiency so that the energy production mechanism is impaired. Based on our studies in human immune functional dynamics, a lot of factors can affect tissue ecosystem, organ vital functional capacities, the CNS, and the immune system. Their overall benefits would depend on how they affect each of those properties on a long term basis.

D. Complication caused by personal differences

Since each person is distinctive in genes, growth environment and mental state, we must reject the idea of using population data to specific persons. However, population data is instructive. We note that most health properties can vary in a scale from 1% to 100%. A cure for Jack might be half a killer for John. Let say, that Jack Doe has vitamin A and Zinc deficiency and found a diet working well for him. Now, John Doe does not have vitamin A and Zinc deficiency. If he consume more food containing higher vitamin A and Zinc per Jack's success, he might make his own health worse. If we look at lifestyle, personal activities, living and working habits, we should see there are no two identical persons. Imitation does not always work.

E. Fixes are even harder

Assuming that John Doe found that he has very high compound X. So, he wants to avoid it. Now, he must examine how life histories and daily routine to see why he might have gotten it. It may come from the air he normally breathes, the food he eats, and utensils he uses, the place he works. There are thousands of possibilities. Even if he can find each of his activities, working places, and things he might contact, he still needs some background data for analysis. After he has found all exposed things and materials, he will need to determine the amount of the compound X. He will need basic data, a computing system, and computer algorithms for estimating its daily, monthly or yearly intake from all suspected sources. This may be they medicine avoid to address causes because they are too complex for a doctor. This kind of problem must be addressed in a unique way.

F. What do we really need?

Based on the above example, we note that idea health optimization would need massive databases containing details about all toxic substances, all microbe's effects, all location information, all environment parameters, plus the basic methodology for optimization. We also need a big computing capability to determine any aspect of health issue. Ideally, a centralized algorithm might be programmed to do the following functions: after a person enters his data to the system, it will estimate all cancer causing substances and the total amounts, flag all potential health issues for further analysis. After the large scale search is over, focus will be on specific substances, specific viruses or microbe, or specific activities or habits.... This is currently a mission impossible, but we must do it now. That is why personalized medicine cannot be put in practice because the required database, computing capability and skills are so high that no doctor office or hospital can provide required infrastructure. The database might contain nearly everything that can affect health or related to known diseases. If one enters the model number of a microwave, the person should see information about its risk and known pollutants. If one types in a pan's model, he should be able to tell if the pan might contain high level of lead from the production process. Of course, elementary data must be built by all people so that it can be used and reused by all people.

G. Costs

For deploying a central database with massive data, the initial cost is prohibitory. However, the cost for managing chronic diseases are also prohibitory. When cancer, pandemic and chronic diseases are about to strike all human beings, there are no other way to contain future diseases. If each algorithm is developed to benefit billions of people, then the costs for developing the algorithm are probably very low. I have long ago proposed a multiple state project for controlling cancer. But none of the states pay attention or see the urgent need for building the infrastructure.

How we found it?

It took years to build the infrastructure. More details will be provided in update.

Our Technologies and Articles

Please note that the technologies have not been developed because of lack of funding and support. This page shows that technologies are necessary for health optimization.

1. The most powerful computing system

We have patents on the most powerful computing system. The computing system can be installed with millions of computer algorithms and the computing capability is available to anyone. To reduce the cost for algorithm development, each algorithm must be used by highest number of reuses. In addition, any user can add algorithm to the system for other user. It may be developed to contain millions of algorithm for all kinds of uses."[view or download the article]

2. The highest data storage security

To practice health optimization, one essential thing is that personal data must be protected in the highest security. It must be immune from hacking. None of the existing technology can meet this requirement. The highest data storage security is one that cannot be cracked by any mean. "[View or download article]

3. The most versatile database applications

Because each person health is distinctive, health optimization must be performed on a personal basis. This implies that even two person have the same diseases may be caused by completely different casues. They must have distinctive data sets. The accounts for personal health optimization cannot be designed by using the a-model-for-all-users approach. The data storage sizes and forms cannot be same. Health optimization can never be performed like population medicine. We have two patents on versatile database."[.]

Infrastructure: Knowledge, data, and computing system.

To end the era without cure and the panics caused by failed medicine, we have published several books, all being based on health optimization principles in personalized medicine. However, personalized medicine cannot be practiced by following descriptive instructions. Every measure used to correct imbalance must be used in a correct way to change the direction of imbalance.

The treatments for curing chronic diseases are characterized by the features of multiple factors, holistic rate balance, and long-term effects. All treatments are based on ancient healing principles that once were used in all medical systems for thousands of years AND millions of medical discoveries that have been published in the last half a century. It covers massive materials. For example, factors that affect cancer growth speeds are in the order of several hundreds to thousands. Even though personalized medicine has been proposed for decades, no body has been able to implemented a practical way to practice it. A doctor cannot spend weeks to write a lifestyle prescription. Here the medical facts as well as those experience-based facts from different medical systems are in the order millions. That would require massive database support.

Personalized medicine is very difficult to practice. For each issue to be corrected, one must evaluate the overall result for a period of time. If one measure is restricting calories, one cannot decide if takes 400 grams carbohydrates are right. It would depend on everything containing calories the person takes in a period of time. To correct fatty acids ratio, one cannot succeed by trying a few food items once a while. One must look at everything one eats for a period of time. This means that a platform must have powerful computation tools that are designed for such problems.

This model requires support from all people. Our health optimization model is contrary to the medical model and is intended to replace medicine in a long run. However, before the laws are changed, our research activities are not eligible for receiving federal, state, and public funds. Strangely, all private organizations volunteer to recognize only medicine built on flawed foundation. Due to influences of U.S. tax laws, the nation recognizes and promotes only this flawed medicine. The great number of invisible legal fibers have the effect of promoting the flawed and harmful reductionist, population-based, disease-based and drug-based medicine which can cure no chronic diseases, but excluding, forbidding, banning, and discrediting real science-based health art that can cure chronic diseases. Our researches in randomized controlled trials [See article 1 on the left] and the harmful effects of cancer treatments [articles 2, 5 on the left] can never come out of medical researches. Unfortunately, what we have found is only a drop of water in a bucket. We have massive works to be done for public benefits and the benefits of the mankind. You are kindly asked to think what is wrong, and how to fix the medical system. You can do your part to support our cause to end the incurable era for your future benefits. To see the full page, click [current inactive link]

Health Optimization Engineering (1): Cure the Incurable And Achieve the Maximum Lifespan

This book concerns the foundation for health optimization methodology. It is based on ancient medicine, ancient medicines and modern discoveries in medical research. Its purposes are teaching optimization art for curing chronic diseases, avoiding premature death, and achieving maximum lifespans. The book rejects the INCURABLE concept and proves that the flawed foundation of medicine is responsible for its failure to find cures. It extensively discusses reasons for people to fail to cure chronic diseases and cancer.

Buy e-Book on Health Optimization Engineering

Some Unique Features

  • This book presents a completely different health model that is based on old medical systems, Chinese Medicine, System Optimization, and medical discoveries.
  • In treating human longevity, the book does not rely on statistical life expectancy nor the one or more drugs. It completely rejects the notion that lifespans can be extended by using a drug or by doing a few things. It is common sense that most people die from temporarily depressed organ capacity and one person’s lifespan or time of death have absolutely nothing to do with statistical data for other people. An irrefutable fact is that most people did not die from truly exhausted organ functions, but from temporarily insufficient organ capacity. Death can happen when a few bad things strike, several mishaps strike while being mildly ill, or if more adverse drug interactions strike. Notwithstanding the population life expectancy, the actual lifespan of a person depends on how the person avoids life risks that commonly cause death rather than whatever medicine promotes. The book teaches how to avoid a large number of risks that are known to cause deaths.
  • The book teaches why medical research from using the reductionist model is unable to accurately determine chronic diseases, slow treatment effects, and slowly realized toxic effects. By using wrong binary disease classification approach, medical researchers cannot detect each of tens to thousands of weak effects of multiple factors. However, when a large number of such weak factors work together, they can ruin personal health. The flaws in randomized controlled trials and binary disease classifications were proved after the first edition of this book was published. The book is the only source that takes an unequivocal preposition to disfavoring the use of traditional medical treatments such as synthetic drug, surgery, and radiotherapy as cures for chronic diseases unless they are used to address medical emergencies.
  • After the flaws in randomized controlled trials are found, patients must question the merit of existing medical treatments. The claimed benefits are grossly exaggerated and disclosed risks are grossly underestimated. The finding may reasonably explain that population health condition in the world is degrading against the perceived advances of medicine. Even if all causes were found and all possible affirmative actions are being taken now, there is no guarantee that the trend can be stopped and reversed. Yet, politicians, health organizations, and experts are doing nothing to let people know the obvious flaws in medical research and treatment models. When the establishment continues to poison population’s health wisdom, this book can provide the only protection, which can be exercised by people in making wise health decisions.
  • The book focuses on how to restore personal health wisdom which has been ruined by medical propagation which was based on flawed conclusions from medical research done under the flawed research model. Unwise health care decisions are mainly responsible for degrading national health condition and worldwide health crisis. In the U.S. alone, chronic diseases are a national epidemic: about 80 million fatty liver diseases, about 103 million hypertension or high blood pressure cases, and about 149 million people who have at least one chronic disease in 2015. Many mental diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's diseases, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, and diminished capacity all arise. Chronic disease has the tendency to swollen a big part or even all economic gain. The worst problem is expected population infertility in North America, Australia and Europe. The male sperm count has decreased by half since 1973 with an unstoppable momentum of decreasing at the rate of 1.5% a year.

Health Optimization Database

To use health optimization engineering, a versatile database is provided to store medical facts. Since the potential elements used include everything under the Sun, database is very large. It must host useful information about foods, natural products, pollutants, toxins, water, air, appliances, and anything that humans may be exposed to. The data must be structured in a usable way. The biggest element is CHANGES. That is why we used our patented web database for storing all kinds of information.

Search Various Databases

Campaign for Cures
Articles on Finding Cures.

Cancer Research Articles
This database will store articles on cancer biology, cancer treatments and cancer development.

Wonder Cures
Explore Wonders that were used in ancient times and explore their mechanisms in a science framework. There are millions of articles, illustrated texts from multiple medical systems.

Failure of Medicine
Research articles, opinions, observations, health quotes, etc. to show why reductionist medical science fails and will not succeed.

Health Optimization Science
Research articles, opinions, observations, etc. to show why health optimization is superior to medicine. Chronic diseases are caused by very small departures in metabolic processes. The reductionist model is unable to deliver required accuracy.

Symptom Registry
Collecting symptoms for various chronic diseases so that the information can enable people to estimate risks of various imbalances or chronic diseases. None of the medical diagnosis can detect problems before it can reverse chronic diseases. Also, symptoms described in medical literary are largely useless. They are useless because they lack details for telling changes in vital organs, the CNS, the immune system, and tissue nutritional condition. Symptoms in this registry are provided in detailed information such as locations, changing patterns, correlation with other signs, interactions with other factors such as diet, sleep, motion, physical activities, emotional well being, etc. so that the symptoms in the registry can be used to predict health conditions and diseases in much earlier time.

Competing Medical Systems
In ancient medical systems, chronic diseases are considered curable (except that diseases in very later stage). After the four presumptions are rejected, we must systematically re-discover ancient medicines.

Common Law Vestiges
Collection of all studies on the influences of common law on the foundation of science. It is clear that the foundation of science has been severely limited by common law influences. The early science could solve many problems without causing immediate harm, but has introduce severe and dangerous limitations. Further advances depend on improvement to the foundation of sciences and must raise accuracy and precision by large margins.

Computing System for Health Optimization

Searchable Computing System

Main Computing page

1. Compute calorie for carbohydrates

2. Compute calorie for a list of food items containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

3. Compute total calories for a food item (under development)

4. Convert any unit to other units

5. Powerful calculator (you can use any mathematical expressions as an number).

6. Compute the sum of N numbers

7. Compute for the sum of 8 mathematical expressions (fill zero for variables you do not use.).

8.Tabulate data in 6 columns and compute the sum for each column (a 6x10 form).

9. Some statistical tools

10. Any tools can be added below.

Example Computing Problems Images in Health Optimization
Here are examples of using the versatile computing system.

1. Compute Calories For Several Items View
Determine total calories for several food items.
2. Compute Calories For a Fat-containing Item View
Determine calories for a single food item.
3. Compute Calories For 3 food Item View
Determine calories for three food items.
4. Compute Calories For a Weak View
Determine calories for for a week (4, 9 and 9 are used for carbohydrates, fats and proteins).
5. Compute Net Difference in Calories Between Two Food Options View
Determine difference in calories between two food options (note 4, 9 and 9 are used for carbohydrates, fats and proteins).
6. Compute Cancer Cell Gain Speed View
Determine the number of cancer cells gain per day for 100 cancer cells to reach 1 billion cells in 10 years (3650 cycles).
(More examples will be added)
Technologies Available for Licensing for Non-health Optimization Use

We have technologies that can dramatically raise overall productivity in research, product designs, production optimization, system optimization, and education. The first line of technology changes traditional model that information is collected, stored, processed, and shared managed through online access. The second line of technology changes how problems are solved in real time. It allows anyone to create solutions on a server-based computing system that hosts millions of application problems so that any authorized users can use them to solve any mathematical, numerical/ empirical, theoretical, modeling, statistical, designing problems in the shortest time possible. With this system being deployed, researchers can spare 90% time that would be used to repeat same tasks that have been done thousands to millions of times. The technologies are reflected in the following U.S. patent numbers: US9105005; US9977669; US10069892 B2, a newly allowed U.S. patent and several issued foreign patents. Both technologies are available for licensing with all start-up programs being free.

The technologies are available for licensing with all original programs.
In addition, we have other patents:
US9361464: A Versatile Log System
US9342505: A Translation Protocol
US8972845B2: Document Review System
US10,430,903 B2: Document Review System
US8935266B2: Name Search Algorithm

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