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Found Projects

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  1. Difference of two numbers weighed by constants (0.5, 0.5), compute it.
  2. Difference of two numbers, compute the
  3. Division of two numbers multiplied by a constant, compute it.
  4. Division of two numbers, compute it.
  5. Product of three numbers with a constant, compute it.
  6. Product of three numbers without constants, compute it.
  7. Product of two numbers weighed by constants, compute it.
  8. Product of two numbers, compute it.
  9. Solution to equation ax*x+bx+c=0, compute it.
  10. Sum of eight numbers with constants, compute it.

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If you find a list of computing projects and find what you want, you just click on the link to get a computing data entry form.

If you do not see a project you want, you can create one so that you and other users in the world can use it in the future. Your contribution will be acknowledged each time your project is used! It is easy and fun to set a computing project.

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