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Terms of Use

Use of this Online Computing Center ("OCC website") is subject to the following terms:

1. The Privilege to Use the OCC Is Granted to Any User who Agrees to the Following Terms:

  • The intended use of the user is legitimate and legal.
  • The intended use of the user is not to injure another person and business.
  • The user agrees to consume all risks from inaccurate results.
  • The user agrees to assume risks from network errors and interruptions.
  • The user should verify computed results if the project is critical.
  • The user agrees to waive claim of rights.
  • The user agrees to waive any amount of damages awarded in any conceivable way.
  • The user agrees to honor copyrights and IP right on this site.
  • 2. Use of Protected Materials for Legitimate and Legal Purposes.

    Users may copy any part of the information and distribute it freely as long as the use is for any lawful purposes.

    3. Typographic Errors

    We are not responsible for any typographic error. If we make a typographic error and the error affects you, the sole remedy is to correct the error.

    4. Use of the computing system at Your Own Risks

    This is an open source computing facility, and thus it is impossible to ensure each of a great number of the computing projects is in accurate. After a user uploads a new computing project and before it is verified by the public, the project may have errors. Usually, it indicates taht the project has not be verified. Therefore, user must exercise due diligence. The user may look at the verification date to ascertain if the project has matured. Since the computation is conducted remotely, it is also possible that sometimes transmission of data over Internet may cause an error. Therefore, it is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that the result is accurate.

    5. Prohibited Uses

  • Compute something for military and aviation use.
  • Compute object location using GPS system without additional verification.
  • Compute something that obviously affects human safety and wellness without additional verification.
  • Compute something for criminal and illegal purposes.
  • Compute something for the purpose of injuring another person or business.
  • 6. Our Right to Terminate Improper Use

    It is not guaranteed that this site is always available for use. We expressly reserve our right to terminate the use by placing a block if we finds, at our sole discretion, that the use appears to be a burden to our server, improper repetition or an action of virus.

    7. Disclaimers of Warranty

    We do not provide any warranty on the performance of this website, and there is no implied warranty, warranty for merchantability and warranty for the fitness for a particular purpose. While we make every effort to ensure that computation on this website is accurate, we may not have enough human resource to verify all computing projects. Therefore, we are not responsible for nominal, direct or consequential damages from using any information or computed results from this website. Users expressly agree to take all risks from using this web site.

    8. Limitations of Our Liability

    The user agrees that if we are found liable for any reason, our liability is limited to $0.001 if inaccurate computation has caused damages to the user. By visiting our website, the user must agree that we are not liable for any kind of action (including class action), consequential damages and punitive damages.

    9. Software Conflicts

    We are not responsible for software incompatibility if our site does not work in a particular environment containing conflicting software. The solution to such a problem is to remove or change software programs that cause the conflict.

    10. Project Contributor's Right

    Any user may submit computing projects by adding computing projects directly or by other arrangements only if this computing project does not exist on the server. After a project is submitted, it becomes the property of the owners. If the project is finally retained for permanent use, the contributor's name will be acknowledged each time the project is used by anyone. Besides the acknowledgement, the contributor has no right of any kind to the computing project the contributor has provided. After the computing project is published on the website, the contributor may not ask teh owners to delete it.

    11. Contact Us

    We prefer that users contact us by email and web form. We kindly request that all questions be prepared in concise format so that we can serve you better. For added security and your protection, we may require you fax your identification information to validate your special projects-uploading order. In the alternative, you may provide such information by web form with a file attached.


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