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Compute sums and averages of two-column numbers (the second and third columns) while ignoring the first-column descriptive name.

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Instructions: Please enter item-name and two numbers with suitable delimiter (i.e., sugar 30 34) in N rows. You copy data into the input box at once.

Table 1 Name: Table Unit:
------------Computed Result----------------
(Press "Compute" again after changing values or units.)
Col-1 sum
Col-1 No
Col-1 Average
Col-2 sum
Col-2 No
Col-2 Average
Project (ID: 3000033) was provided by Igoosa, and verified on June 20, 2007.
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Type in data, select right units (if any), and click "Compute" to get result.

You may use any of (+, -, *, /, (, ), ^, sin, cos, log, ln, tan, tag, sqrt, e) in any point point. For example, you may type 10^(-5), sin(39), log60, (3-4*5)/5, and 1*10^5 as single data point. NO SPACE IS ALLOWED WITHIN A DATA POINT. Data delimiter between any two data points my be "," ";" or space.

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